The easiest way to charge for your API.

Why Metered?

Get started in minutes

No new code to write and nothing to deploy.

We make it easy to charge a small fee for each request.

Everything you need

Metered handles everything from demo API keys, to interactive examples, user sign-up, issuing API keys, metering and billing.

Demo with interactive examples

Metered provides an interactive coding environment to make it easy for users to experiment with your API.

Integrated authentication and rate-limiting

Apply different rate limits to demo users and paying users so everyone gets a great experience.

Passwordless auth for sign up

Users of your APIs can get started with just an email address. For some email providers we even deep link right to the login email

Fast, global gateways

Your users' API requests hit our gateways first. Our gateway fleet has minimal overhead and is globally distributed, running in 200+ locations across the planet.

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